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Penang Day Trip

With Naturalist Selva

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Penang Day Trip(Private) A special tailor made trip to Penang from Langkawi(Private) This trip is conducted by Selva Langkawi a Historian/Naturalist. Its all about the historical assimilation of multi Culture of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arab..Gastronomical and Heritage buildup of Penang and Malaysia. Begins early in the Morning at 0630hrs! Price RM 580 per person (full board). Please refer to TripAdvisor’ Penang day trip with Selva Langkawi!



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Bird Watching

With Naturalist Selva Langkawi

Bird watching!

Langkawi has more than 247 species of birds. Local seasonal, endemics, migratory and permanent. You will be taken to spots where not everyone is aware off! Chances to see Brown-Winged Kingfisher (Halcyon amauropetra), Black-Hooded Oriole (Oriolus xanthornus), Mountain Hawk Eagle (Spizaetus nipalensis), Great Hornbill (Buceros bicornis).

  • Refreshments and authentic Local food will be served!
  • Safety assured!
  • Pick up time 0645hrs!
  • No time limit!

RM 350 per pax! Minimum 1 pax! or RM 300 per pax (More than 2 pax)


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Kayak Adventure

With Naturalist Selva Langkawi

Kayaking with Naturalist! A very interesting trip to discover the wilderness of mangrove forest with one of the pioneer Conservationist! ! Nature Enthusiast in Langkawi(20 years)! Selva’s mangrove kayaking is all about Ecology,Conservation and Sustainable tourism.Safe,fun and entertaining! The most important priority is to spot wild animals such as snakes,snails, marine life,birds,dolphins,otters,Dingo’s and etc Note” spotting animals also depend on the luck but the sucess rate is more than 80%. Special local lunch, Mutton or Chicken, squid, Omelette,vegetable, rice or roti chanai and refreshments! The trip starts at 1030hrs or 1500hrs(4 hours) Price at RM 250.00 per pax




Discover the untold stories

With Selva Langkawi

UNTOLD STORIES..! Mysterious, mythical, enchanting and facts! This 4-4.5 hours trip will tell you more about Langkawi that most tourists missed. Its about the inner aspects of people and about how the Malay culture conceals and assimilation of the major cultures of the great world civilization.

* As you guide along the off-beaten tourist tracks, along village lanes, paddy fields, small hills, jungles and village houses.

*You will find houses built on stilts, with designs influencde by the Chinese,Indians, Moorish and European Architectures. *You will be shown medicinal plants and taste of exotic local fruits when they are in season.

*At the end of the trip, enjoy lunch or dinner served nothing but strictly home cook delicacies!

At RM250/pax Minimum 2 pax!